Change to Workers Compensation Insurance in NSW – ICARE to now administer and bill all policies

If you have received your workers compensation renewal lately, you may have noticed that your workers compensation insurer has changed.

All Workers Compensation Insurance policies in NSW are progressively being transferred to ICARE (previously Workcover NSW

ICARE Workers Insurance, formerly WorkCover NSW have announced that they will directly administer the policy and billing requirements under the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme.

There will be no change to claims management under the Scheme, or your current claims management contacts or services. The changes to policy and billing will result in employers being able to purchase and renew their NSW Workers Compensation Insurance policies through the ICARE online self-service portal. Through the portal, all policy information will be consolidated in one place, providing transparency and accuracy. This will essentially see NSW operating similar to South Australia and QLD with policy and premium management being handled directly by the regulator.

At this stage we do not perceive any significant changes to the way your policy will operate in NSW and note that these changes will not impact the policy costs currently within the state.

When your workers compensation policy renews next you will be transferred automatically to ICARE.